By Melony Teague

teen-jobsSummer isn’t over yet, which means your teen still has time to earn their own money, and with every paycheque cash-in on a valuable lesson about self-discovery. A part-time job may lead them to stumble upon what they want to do when they’re older or help them weed out what they don’t want to do down the road. More than that? Working helps develop their character and gain life lessons, which is more important in the long run than job titles added to a resume. It can also expand their social interaction and expose them to different cultures in our multi-cultural society.

Jobs for teens
That first job can be tricky to land, since without experience, their resume can be a bit, well, bare. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of grade-A opportunities that are not only achievable but will also teach them the value of teamwork and develop the skills needed in leadership. And if they refuse to apply for a “want fries with that” position, here is a list of more desirable options.

  • Life guarding or swim instruction.
  • Camp counselling.
  • Small business involvement.
  • Employment at a Golf course or driving range.
  • Landscaping
  • Dog walking
  • Resort worker – housekeeping, restaurant, front desk, etc.
  • Sports Stadium – sell popcorn, raffle tickets, hotdogs, etc.


Whichever they choose to do, encourage them to look for an opportunity that steps them out of their comfort zone, tackles new challenges, teaches them about commitment and disciplines them to stick to it. The added benefit? They might be more than happy to go back to school come September.