It’s been seven years since we officially heard from songstress Chantal Kreviazuk. During her hiatus, the Winnipeg-born singer has written lyrics for the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Kendrick Lamar and Carrie Underwood, to name a few. But what has really been keeping Kreviazuk busy is raising her three sons, Rowan, 12, Lucca, 11, and Sal, 8, with Our Lady Peace singer and husband, Raine Maida.

By Rachel Naud


What’s it like living in a household of boys?
I have two sons that are alpha boys, and one with a stubborn gene. It is a five-alarm bell in our house most of the
time. My oldest has started sleeping more. That helps a bit (laughs).

What has being a mom to boys taught you?
Having boys taught me to forgive every boy I ever was bitter toward. Well almost. (laughs) They do just come by all of it quite honestly. Boundary setting is key though.

You’ve described parenting as a humbling experience. What do you mean by that?
I didn’t paint my whole life and then one day decide to get over my visual arts stigma for good! So having zero fundamentals as my starting point was humbling because, as a music artist, I can do so much via feel…because I have fundamental tools and explore with ease.

The teen years are just around the corner! What are you looking forward to the most about that stage of parenting?
The boys being teens may mean that they are a bit more accountable and that they’re less physical with each other. Right now, everything is still on Raine and I to some degree and they are like little bear cubs…always getting up in it!

What scares you the most?
In the teen years, we see kids figuring out boundaries. I am nervous about car wrecks and overdoses. I am from the Peg (Winnipeg). There was tragedy constantly. First generation farm kids in the city, I guess. Who knows?
But we are trying not to be helicopter parents. It will be tough to just let them go.

As your boys grow into young men, what do you wish most for them?
I wish for my boys that they understand how paramount boundaries and self-care are. They are almost interconnected because if you learn balance when you are young, it creates for a safer experience as you move through your journey.

Are your boys musical? Would you want them to be in the music biz?
Our kids study music and enjoy that very much and are also rabid music fans, already. Standing in the ocean with the boys the other day, our youngest was singing Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” He was singing “Ground control to Major Tom” at the top of his lungs and I just loved it. I would not recommend any business for the kids! Ugh. I can’t think
that far into the future. It all frightens the crap out of me when I do. So we go day by day and support who they are and their life and light forces!


Photography Raphael Mazzucco

Let’s talk about your new album, Hard Sail. What was your inspiration behind this album?
Hard Sail for me explores the difficulty of living—even living well—under the best of circumstances. Being born in Canada, living in the U.S. and Canada—we are among the luckiest in the world. But the more we have, the more challenges we can face in our abundance. We have food, for example, but half of the food produced is wasted.  Two challenges I face in my human experience are not bringing the traumas from past generations and my ancestors into my current state of being, as well as trying to be grateful for my incredible experience in this life and not bring in the pain and suffering of others whom I share the road in the journey with. I used this nautical theme a bit to create
a parallel we can all relate to. The water is beautiful but within its beauty lays a beast to be reckoned with.

Is it true, the single “All I Got” is a love letter to your hubbie, Raine Maida? What is the message behind the lyrics?
I was not settled until I met my match with Raine. I was not in the reality of love and partnering until I met Raine. He is my man, my one and only, and I can see it all so clearly now after 20 years. I just needed an alpha like him
to take me on!

Are any of the songs on this album a reflection of motherhood?
Certainly, the lullaby at the end of the album called “Smile in Your Sleep” is born from being a mom. But I could probably confidently say that every song, in some way, is influenced by the fact that I am a mother. As soon
as love or adversity come into the song, there we will find the mother in me.

You’re going on tour this fall. How do you stay close with the family while you’re away?
The tour is long in the fall, so it will be hard. I am hoping my family can come and be with me for a few shows during a break from school.

You’re originally from Winnipeg! Do you ever bring the boys back there to show them where you grew up?
Yes, the boys were in Winnipeg this summer! They reunited with cousins and other relatives.

Any favourite haunts in the city?
The best thing to do in Winnipeg is go to the Ten Spa for the authentic Hamam experience. I always go at least once when I am in town.

What else has caught your attention these days?
I love the Wear Your Label clothing line. It is eradicating stigma and promoting selfcare and emotional/mental wellness! It is a great line of cute clothes with witty sayings regarding taking care and ownership of our minds and beings. Check it out at