Entertainment Tonight anchor Nancy O’Dell dishes on raising teens and chasing dreams.

Nancy O’Dell is like many moms. She walks her daughter to school, cheers her step-son on at sports games and worries that her eldest, now away at college, is spending more time partying than hitting the books. And, like many moms, she’s constantly juggling her career with parenthood—even when she’s on air anchoring Entertainment Tonight.

“If I see one of my kids calling, I always stop an interview and even the taping of Entertainment Tonight,” says O’Dell. “Our stage manager laughs at me because I always have my phone by my side when taping for that reason.
I always want my kids or the school to get a hold of me if they need me. I recently travelled to Texas for the Academy of Country Music Awards. I was in the middle of interviewing Blake Shelton when I saw my daughter was trying to FaceTime me. When she wants to chat with her mama and see her mama, I can’t resist, so I picked it up. She loves Blake on The Voice, so she thought that was quite the thrill to be able to chat with him.”

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