From building businesses and acting to staying fit and keeping up with her teens, ex-host of DWTS Brooke Burke-Charvet chats with INBETWEEN about keeping up with it all.

By Rachel Naud

brooke-sidebarWhen the music stopped for Brooke Burke-Charvet on Dancing with the Stars, and it was announced she would not
be invited to return to co-host after eight seasons, nobody was more shocked than Burke-Charvet herself.

“I understand the industry, and when and why changes need to be made,” says Burke-Charvet. “Not to say it wasn’t shocking the way it all went down.”

It was a blow, most certainly, but the model and actress took the news with grace, channelled her inner dancer (the one who led her to victory as the first contestant to win DWTS) and simply shook it off. “It really pushed me into looking at the next chapter sooner rather than later and deciding what I wanted to do next,” she says. “But I think through change we grow and that’s a lesson that I always try to teach my children. Change is good.”

If anyone knows about transitions, it’s Burke-Charvet. Beyond modelling, acting and hosting, she is also a fashion designer, fitness guru and entrepreneur. Yet, two of her most important roles include being mom to four children, ages six to 14,
and being a cancer survivor.

We caught up with the busy mom to chat about juggling fame and family and how she handles another phase in life—parenting teens.

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