Having a date night with your teen is always great for the memory box. And, while dinner and a movie is often a popular go-to night out, being able to experience a performance together makes for a special evening. If you’re looking to inspire, entertain and just have a fun night out with your teen, don’t miss Cirque De Soleil’s latest Big Top production, Volta in Toronto. Not your average circus performance, Volta is an action-packed production chock-full of adrenalin-pumping surprises. Need a reason to check it out? Here’s five.

By Rachel Naud

The message. Volta is all about the importance of blazing your own trail. It’s a spellbinding story that captures the essence of being true to oneself and fulfilling one’s own potential. Through its powerful performance, it’s basically showing teens that it’s cool to be yourself—even if yourself is different.

The acts. This is the first Cirque De Soleil production to introduce disciplines including BMX, parkour, shape diving, roller-skating and more. Your teen will be amazed at the abilities the performers have to transform sports into magic.

The abilities. As parents, we all tell our teens to try their hardest to achieve their dreams. At Volta, whether you’re watching a tightrope artist dance above the crowds or eyeing a performer mastering the art of flipping circles on a BMX, you can only admire their determination, skill and drive to succeed. And the spirit is contagious.

The laughs. If the acrobats are the stars of the show than clown, Wayne Wilson is the supporting actor. Throughout the performance, he engages with the audience in belly-busting hilarity—be it as silly as fighting with washing machines or stripping down to a be-dazzled loincloth.

The experience. Whether you love Volta, hate Volta or walk away not understanding Volta, it won’t really matter. What does matter is that for two hours, you and your teen sat together, laughed together, talked together and created a memory sure to last.

For tickets and show times, visit cirquedusoleil.com/volta