4 Fun Winter Advent Calendar Ideas for the Family

Winter Advent Calendar Ideas

4 Fun Winter Advent Calendar Ideas for the Family

by Rachel Naud


The cold, dreary days of winter may be coming soon, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here are some ideas for your family’s winter advent calendar that will keep you and yours entertained!


Guides for Managing Finances

With the holidays coming up—and the cost of everything going up—now is a good time to have a talk with your teen about finances. Have a teen that is at that age where they don’t have a job but seems to have expensive taste? Teach them about financial literacy and how to manage their money


Winter Advent Calendar Ideas


The SideKick Mastercard from Hero Financials is a reliable tool that helps tweens and teens understand and manage money efficiently and effectively. No need to set your kids up with a new bank account, you just sign up at and you can load money on it and use the budgeting tool to divide the money between pre-created categories: general, living expenses, eating out, travel, shopping, and fun which will help your kids budget for what is most important to them. There’s actually a cash-back promotion on the site right now (sign up for Hero’s annual plan and get $50 cash back plus a free upgrade after your first load!), which is super cool and the card can be used anywhere a prepaid Mastercard is accepted–in-store or online.


Hot Meals for Cozy Nights

Is there anything better than cooking a delicious, hot meal on a cold, snowy night? Here’s an idea: get your teen involved and celebrate Pizza Fridays! It’s so easy to make, and when you use good-quality ingredients, it makes for a great pizza! 



To make the sauce, use Mutti tomatoes—it’s fresh just like a summer tomato, even though outside the snow may be flying! Made with 100% Italian tomatoes, this sauce makes for a simple, yet absolutely delicious meal. Fun fact! Some tomatoes are better for certain recipes and to pick the best one for your recipe, Mutti has come up with a handy guide to bring your recipe to the next level—check it out on



Games for Game Nights

When the weather turns cold, don’t you just like to heat up the competition with a family game night? Your family will absolutely love the Nintendo Switch OLED Model because it has a 7-inch screen and the colours and graphics are even more vibrant. With the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass, you can relive your childhood with remastered courses like Waluigi Pinball, which are free for anyone who has a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription. Challenge your teen or even let other relatives join in on the fun! 


Gifts for Your Furry Friends



When we say fun for the whole family, we mean fun for the WHOLE family! We can’t forget about our furry family members because they like to get in on the fun too. Grab your furry little buddy and pick up an advent calendar just for them! The Merry & Bright advent calendar has delicious daily treats to count down to the big day! It gives them a different treat every day, which they will love and never get bored of! You can also get one for your cat and The Merry & Bright Advent Calendars also come with other surprises like holiday ball toys and plush toys with catnip! You can grab it in PetSmart stores or online at

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