6 Spooky Halloween Activities Around Toronto

6 Spooky Halloween Activities Around Toronto

by Arianne Granada


October is filled with fun and frights! So, if you are a parent wanting to bring your teens out on Halloween, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best ways to celebrate this spooky season in Toronto. From scary rides to haunted tours, we’ve got something for every type of horror fan out there!


Halloween Haunt in Canada’s Wonderland

In Canada’s Wonderland, you can face your fears and experience Halloween in all its glory. Be amazed by the horrors, thrills, and monster encounters that await you in Halloween Haunt. Get ready for some of the scariest mazes and haunted attractions. Also, the live entertainment will give you an unforgettable experience, and if that’s not enough, check out some of their dark rides!


Photo from Canada’s Wonderland


Legends of Horror in Casa Loma

With the spooky season upon us, Casa Loma is offering two exciting events for you and your teen.

In Legends of Horror, Casa Loma’s grounds will be transformed into an immersive theatrical experience. Taking the form of a parade theatre presentation, the audience will walk through a trail of 2 km beginning in Casa Loma’s lower gardens and winding through the castle’s tunnels and darkest spaces that have never been open to the public before.


Photo from Casa Loma


The castle’s winding gardens transform into a storybook setting through theatrically designed sets, lighting, projections and professional actors. You will walk through their impressive sets in gardens and chambers beneath the castle, seeing different characters as you move to the next scene. The audience is immersed in the story, making you a part of the set.

In collaboration with Secret City Adventures, Zombie Apocalypse is a new immersive experience. in Casa Loma. One of Toronto’s biggest zombie-themed haunted houses, you will enter the world of the fictional pharmaceutical company, Biolux, with their new wonder drug, the Biolux Serum, which turns subjects into contagious zombies. Inside their Biolux showrooms, you’ll discover gruesome secrets and experiments made by their scientists. You can also explore their survivor camps where you’ll find those struggling to battle against the zombie apocalypse.


Ghost Walks Exhibition Place

Join Exhibition Place’s Ghost Walks if you like the idea of ghost walks but don’t want to go alone. Together with After Dark Tours’ Steve Collie, you’ll walk through a haunted past on these two-hour tours.

Exhibition Place harbours a few well-guarded secrets only known to staff who work the late shift. Historically, the grounds hosted otherworldly visitors: the Horticulture Building used to be a temporary morgue, the midway of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) was a bloody battlefield during the War of 1812, and two military forts were once built there. With Steve Collie’s After Dark Tours, you’ll explore the place’s haunted history, making otherworldly friends along the way.


Spirits of the Distillery District Ghost Tour

Despite being one of the most enchanting neighbourhoods in Toronto, it can also get a bit spooky when nighttime hits. It’s easy to understand why the area is known as one of Toronto’s most haunted spots when you hear the tales of gruesome accidents and the dangerous world of whiskey-making. On the tour, you’ll also learn about the spirits of the distillery cats that appear as black forms that flash before your eyes. Rumor has it that the woman who spotted it came back for another shift. Explore the historic Distillery District with your teen on this lantern-light stroll through its cobblestone streets.


Original Haunted Walk of Toronto

The Ghost Walks of Toronto take you from the steps of Old City Hall, through Yonge Street, Queen Street West, and the most haunted areas of downtown Toronto. Hear the stories of people who died on these streets only to return as restless spirits to their hometown, Toronto.


Halloween Nights of Lights

Photo from Nights of Lights


Halloween Night of Lights features 1.5 million LEDs and RGB lights that dance to your favourite Halloween tunes. You can glow in the dark with glowing pumpkins and a giant illuminated pumpkin castle in an interactive light show! It’s an indoor fun fair with pumpkin sculptures (more than 30,000 real pumpkins!), rides, games, a gummy bear forest, and more. Open for all ages, drive over to CF Sherway Gardens with your teen. 

There are a lot of Halloween activities all around Toronto. You don’t even have to be a kid anymore to enjoy Halloween; everyone is welcome to participate in these activities! So why wait? Get out there and enjoy with your teen!

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