Back-to-School Survival Kit

Back-to-School Survival Kit

by Rachel Naud


It’s back-to-school time! 

Teens everywhere may be dreading the start of another year, but we’ve got some good news: it’s easier than ever to make your teen’s back-to-school experience enjoyable! Check out our list of essential items that will help make the transition into the new school year easier for both you and them.


For Taking Notes


Remember during university days and not wanting to write or jot notes in your textbooks so you could keep them pristine and sell them afterwards? Post-it® Notes are perfect for this job! They are handy for making study notes as well as jotting down quick ideas and tasks to help keep you organized.


Back-to-school must-haves from Post-it® Brand


These Post-it® Super Sticky Notes have two times the sticking power compared to the original Post-it® Notes. They’ll not only stick to most flat surfaces but also come off easily and cleanly! And, of course, who doesn’t love the fun new colours they’ve launched this year? 


For Scratch-Free Dorm Rooms


Back-to-school must-haves from Scotch® Brand


If you have a university student moving into a dorm, they’ll want to keep Scotch® Wall-Safe Tape on hand. In most dorms, you’re not allowed to nail anything to the walls. This tape is ideal for displaying posters, photos, and more. As an added bonus, Scotch® Magic™ Tape is invisible, which makes it perfect for school projects, crafts, or simply mending torn pages! 


For Managing Finances


Back-to-school essentials from Hero Financials

Does your teen have expensive taste and you want to teach them how to effectively manage their money? Get them started with Hero Financials and teach them financial literacy. It’s a reliable tool that helps tweens and teens understand and manage money efficiently and effectively. Your kids don’t need a new bank account! Just sign up at, and you can load money on it and use a variety of features, including a budgeting tool, recurring allowances, and block lists, to help them budget for what matters most to them. It comes with a physical SideKick Mastercard, which can be used anywhere a prepaid Mastercard is accepted in-store or online. Hero has some incentives going on at the moment for new signups, so make sure to visit Hero Financials to check it out.



For Easy Organization


Echo Show 15 from Alexa


Want to teach your teen the art of time management? The Echo Show 15 has widgets that are Alexa-powered to help keep your teen on track with shared calendars, personal sticky notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, and assigned reminders. Not only that, but they can also add items to their to-do list and even display each task’s step-by-step instructions. The Echo Show 15 also has streaming apps like Prime Video, Netflix and more. It even has radio streaming, podcasts and audiobooks.



For Worry-Free Browsing and Research


The latest in the Fire Kids Tablet line, the all-new Fire 7 Kids tablet is a bundle of joy for your kids. It comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ Content which includes thousands of educational apps, games, books, videos and favourites from Disney, PBS Kids and HOMER. It also comes with a worry-free 2-year warrantee—if it breaks, they’ll replace it for you! 

Fire 7 Kids tablet from Alexa

The Fire 7 Kids tablet also has an easy-to-use Parent Dashboard that allows you to filter content based on your child’s age and even set educational goals and time limits. This is a sweet back-to-school deal—that doesn’t break the bank.


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