Empower Yourself with AI Skills: A Quick Guide for Parents

Empower Yourself with AI Skills: A Quick Guide for Parents

Empower Yourself with AI Skills: A Quick Guide for Parents


As we gear up for the back-to-school season, parents are often knee-deep in managing their teens’ schedules and shopping for school supplies. But there’s a whole new world of possibilities opening up, driven by technology like Generative AI, that many adults are eager to explore this fall. Studies also tell us that this learning can be incredibly rewarding, especially in Canada, where there’s a growing AI skills gap, potentially leading to over $100,000 more per year. So how can adults build AI skills without spending years in college or university?


The good news is that there are numerous quick, fun, and free courses available for people of all ages to acquire the most in-demand tech skills today. Leading tech companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS) are offering programs both directly to individuals and through colleges and employers. From composing music on a keyboard to programming tiny race cars using AI and Machine Learning skills—today’s tech is a lot easier to learn than you think!


Empower Yourself with AI Skills: A Quick Guide for Parents


Here are some exciting examples and handy tips for parents looking to embark on this AI learning journey:



Check out free programs that let you have fun while learning:


AWS DeepComposer

This program lets you create your own music while learning generative AI techniques. Whether you have a physical keyboard or prefer a virtual one, you can input melodies and harmonies and experiment with various musical styles like rock, pop, jazz, or classical.


AWS DeepRacer

Empower Yourself with AI Skills: A Quick Guide for Parents


This one is perfect for both beginners and experts. You get to program and race tiny autonomous vehicles, gaining valuable experience in advanced Machine Learning techniques. Plus, there are AWS DeepRacer leagues where you can compete for some exciting prizes and scholarships.


AWS DeepLens

Dive into the basics of machine learning using a wireless video camera. Using a technique called computer vision, you can build real-world projects that allow the camera to analyze and act on what it sees.


All these programs offer a free trial or free tier, so you can easily kickstart your AI journey.



Look for ‘micro credentials’ at your local college or online:


These short courses are designed to quickly teach new skills or enhance existing ones and have become incredibly popular. Micro-credentials provide industry-recognized certifications, and a whopping 64% of employers value them as a clear indication of a job seeker’s dedication to learning.


AWS Skill Builder

This platform offers quick and convenient access to over 600 free, on-demand digital courses, covering various topics, including Generative AI.



Check with your employer:


Many companies, including big names like BMO and SunLife, have joined forces with AWS to offer customized courses that help employees boost their digital skills.


This back-to-school season is a perfect opportunity for you to dive into the captivating world of AI, gain valuable skills, and open doors to exciting career prospects and personal growth. With free resources, micro-credentials, and employer collaborations at your disposal, there’s never been a better time to start your AI journey.

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