INBETWEEN is the only publication in Canada that targets parents of tweens, teens and young adults. We know this stage of life has its challenges, but it also has some pretty great rewards. Parents, no longer burdened with the cost of childcare, can enjoy some newfound freedom, disposable income and time! And teenagers are becoming more independent, often making their own disposable income with part-time jobs.
Through the ups and downs, INBETWEEN is here for you through it all!
We tackle the tough topics that matter, including sex, drugs, alcohol and relationships. Want to know how your favourite celebs do it? We feature one-on-one interviews with TV and movie stars who get very real to us about how they parent their tweens and teens. We also have a pulse on the latest gifts and gadgets your tweens and teens will love.
In addition to our regular content, we also produce branded content for companies that align with our demographic. We can produce special INBETWEEN-branded content to ensure your key messages get out to INBETWEENERS! So if you have a special theme you want to share with readers or an important matter you want to get across, we can work with you on your very own issue.
That’s not all! Want us to feature a product in an article? Let us know! Want your product featured in an INBETWEEN TV segment? Give us a shout! We love working with potential partners. E-mail We look forward to meeting you!


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