The College Tour is About to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

The College Tour

The College Tour is About to Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

By Samantha Jonas-Hain


The College Tour


As a mom of high schoolers, I know how stressful the college search can be. Aside from the emotional aspect (let’s face it, it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that bedtime stories and snuggles are things of the past), there is so much of this next chapter that is unknown. How can we as parents make sure that our kids are making informed, well-thought-out choices about college, and setting themselves up for success?


Fortunately, The College Tour has come to the rescue! It is a groundbreaking TV series that travels to colleges and universities, bringing the story of each school to life through the lens of its students. The show streams on Amazon Prime and all episodes are available for free on their website. The College Tour is leveling the playing field by enabling students from all over the world to check out schools without having to spend the time or money to travel there. The show has filmed at over 80 colleges and universities so far, but really, when it comes to The College Tour, the TV show is just the beginning.


The College Tour website is a comprehensive tool for parents, students, and educators to gather information that will help students make smart decisions based off of what’s truly best for them. They offer free classes for international students, first-generation students, majors, and a core class that breaks down the four pillars to look for in a school, in addition to digital series, like Ask Admissions, blogs, and more.


With so much information, available for free, here are some tips on how to get the most out of The College Tour.


The College Tour


Go broad

Don’t just watch episodes of The College Tour about schools already on your radar, use this as an opportunity to expand your universe. There are so many incredible schools out there that might be an even better fit, you just don’t know it yet. The show allows you to explore regions, and campuses that otherwise were inaccessible. 


Take the classes

Online classes are not just useful to students, but also to parents who want to learn more about today’s college landscape. The first-generation class is especially useful for parents who didn’t attend college, giving them tools to help their children in their search. 


Let them do the asking for you

The College Tour has multiple digital series where they sit down with current college Presidents and faculty members to discuss topics such as financial aid, and admissions requirements just to name a few. Each video is a sneak peek into the high-level world of each school and provides sound advice that will be sure to take the stress away.


Listen to their stories

One of the most powerful aspects of The College Tour is that it shares authentic stories. Each episode features various students, all with different backgrounds and interests, and their online blog is no different. Everyone can relate to someone’s journey, making it much easier to identify how this could play out for you and your teen.

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