10 celebs and their puppies totally giving us the warm and fuzzies

by Angelyn Kwek


Whoever domesticated dogs way back when had the right idea. Not only are they loyal companions for life, these fuzzy babies bring smiles and joy to all—in addition to being that all-important learning journey prior to becoming parents to human babies.

Plus, there’re not many things that can beat coming home after a long day to the enthusiastic welcome of your precious canine pal and. That said, Hollywood’s luminaries are not immune to puppy power either (it’s those giant, soulful eyes).

On the occasion of National Puppy Day, here are 10 celebs sharing precious snaps of themselves with their furry counterparts.


Cameron Mathison and Red

The Canadian-American actor with his Doberman aka the fifth member of the family.


Emilia Clarke and Ted

Going everywhere his mama goes, Ted the dachshund just had to smize for the camera as well on the set of Clarke’s Clinique shoot.


Zendaya and Noon

That’s the smile of a proud dog mum when her baby takes his first step into the pool all on his own.


Chris Evans and Jinx

“In my house, every day is #internationaldogday.” Aye aye, Captain America!


Nicole Kidman and Julian

Can you believe this is the Aussie actress’s first ever puppy? She had, quote, “been waiting her whole life for this!”, unquote.


Selena Gomez and Winnie and Daisy

Just a chill day for Gomez, lounging on the couch and sharing doggy kisses with her gals.


Scott Eastwood and Josey

We cannot confirm or deny if man and puppy were intentionally posing just so, but Eastwood and his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel certainly make a pretty picture together.


Lana Condor and Timmy

Aww, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star cuddling her mini Bernedoodle will make any dog lover’s day.


Kaia Gerber and Milo

An adorable rescue adopted by Gerber, Milo is inseparable from the model and now lives the doggy dream, complete with a custom Celine dog bag.


Chrissy Teigen (and John Legend) and Pearl

One from a brood of six— Puey, Penny, Pearl, Pebbles, Petey, and Pepper—this cutie of a basset hound is an adoptee who has a soft spot for husband John Legend.

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