3 Mompreneurs Making a Mark

Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest of sources but for these three women, inspiration sparked from their journeys to find happiness, health and organization in their daily lives as moms. Shantelle Bisson, Adriana Gentile and Justine McDonald are three women entrepreneurs making an impact in the lives of those needing support to reach their goals. These women are experts in helping others achieve their best. Learn how each of these moms is making her mark.

Shantelle Bisson

Short story bio about your business

My parenting book, Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool, and the products I’m currently creating to work in conjunction with the book/brand, came about because I’m actually not very good at keeping my cool!  I’m a total Type-A, on-the-spectrum-OCD kind-of gal, and I find everyday tasks like parenting teens, moving, aging and breaking up to be pretty challenging.  So, I had to do something to help myself get through life with more joy, peace, and fun.  Enter me writing my first book, which will become the beginning of a series of life books to assist others in getting through this thing called life, or to help other people start off their parenting journey with more preparation, confidence and a lot less angst.

How you came up with it

The way I came up with the Without Losing Your Cool brand was from me getting my girls to adulthood with my cool still intact.  I realized that if somebody like ME could get to the other side of that difficult, challenging, ever-changing part of life, then I can and should help others do the same!  I have witnessed friends entering the unknown part of parenting years and knew I could support them through it and even help them enjoy it at the same time!  I am also a master at moving. I’ve done it 25 times in the almost 33 years I’ve been married to my husband. I actually LOVE moving and renovating and organizing. I’m always amazed to hear other people say that they don’t!  From things in my life that I have done well and things I enjoy doing where others do not, I felt that creating a business centered around helping people master their time spent in uncomfortable, new and unchartered parts of their lives was a no-brainer.

Why it’s important?

I believe letting people know that it’s okay to lose their cool while they’re in the thick of something new is important.  Like parenthood.  Like aging.  Like moving. I thought that writing about my experience in these areas was a great way to be of service to the world at large.  We’re so hard on ourselves, especially now in the age of social media where we tend to use it as a mirror to determine whether to not we’re succeeding in life.  My book, my business, and my message are all centered around encouraging people to enjoy the messy parts of life and to understand that the mess is normal. Falling down is part of the learning.  It’s not about not losing your cool; it’s about how you regain your cool after you’ve lost it.  And that my friends, is all about owning it, acknowledging it, and then if need be, apologizing to those who got caught in the crossfire of your losing-your-cool moment!

How people can support you

People can support me by following me on social media @ShantelleBisson, and my new Instagram platform, @withoutlosingyourcool where I’ll be rolling out my products in early 2021.  An awesome way to be in on the fun is to check out my journals, clothing and daily inspirational cards!  My book, Parenting Your Kids Without Losing Your Cool, can be purchased at Walmart and Amazon.  They can also bookmark my website www.shantellebisson.com, which is getting a total makeover. I will be offering one-on-one “Without Losing Your Cool” sessions for anything you may be going through and if you need some extra support!

Adriana Gentile

Short story bio about your business

Adriana is a certified personal trainer with a diploma in sports nutrition, pre and postnatal fitness and TRX suspension. She is also a champion international bikini competitor. Her years in the competitive fitness industry led her down a path toward her own health’s demise. So, she went on a quest to find the balance that aligned with her holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. During her journey, she landed on an all-natural wellness network marketing company where she has been able to weave in her online coaching and onboard new coaches to help expand her influence around the globe. Adriana is now consistently No. 1 in Canada on the leaderboard and was awarded No. 2 recruiter in the entire company for 2019 – 2020. With the success of her network marketing personal and team brand, she is able to fuel her passion for being a fitness and nutrition role-model and has set many high-achieving goals for 2021.

How did you come up with your business or brand?

My business started from my own insecurities as a young mom who gained 65+ lbs while in an unhealthy relationship with my son’s father, whom I’m no longer with. I thought that he would love me more if I was skinny and wore makeup if I was always pretty and put together.  I started on my journey to lose my prenatal weight gain, but I was very uneducated at the time. I thought the only way to lose the pounds was to eat nothing and run all day. I ran for four hours a day after I was given the okay from my doctor to exercise (post-cesarean birth), sucked on ice cubes and drank high sugar protein smoothies from my local drug store.

When my son was 3 months old, we moved across the country to Montreal where I hired my very first personal trainer. My personal trainer taught me about eating to achieve my desired results and adding resistance and weight training to my workouts instead of purely cardio. I listened to the plan laid out for me and through fitness and healthy eating, I gained my confidence back! I moved back to Vancouver and that is where I started my education journey to become a strong leader for anyone who wanted to gain confidence through a healthy diet and exercise regime.

My son will be 10 this year and ever since my “darker” times of his early childhood, I feel like I have been able to move mountains. I feel like my passion for fitness, nutrition, and a positive mindset have truly saved my life! Now I have a very successful online coaching business with multiple health coaches all working together. As a result, we have a very extensive global clientele list with goals ranging from wanting to lose weight, gain muscle, increase natural energy and mental clarity, to simply having a healthy routine to follow. Our community is what wakes me up every morning with a fire in my belly and thoughts of “who can I make an impact on today?!”

I married my best friend last year and I am currently six months pregnant with our daughter, due in April 2021 (almost 10 years to the date of my son! I stay consistent!) My life has been a journey of perseverance and a classic story of “rags to riches.” By using my insecurities to fuel my fire, I have created a global impact!

Why is your business important?

My business is important because it helps people curate healthy habits to not only attain a specific goal but to also educate and empower them for a lifetime! We have found that our retention rate is extremely high because of the community we’ve been able to build together between me and my other passionate health coaches! We’re able to supply holistic health supplements of the highest degree to help our clients have the convenient and delicious tools they need to live their healthy lifestyle with more ease. We empower our clients to believe in themselves and their dreams. It’s very rare (but so important) for someone to have a judgment-free space where they can come in and speak their goals into existence with an entire group of people supporting them saying, “you CAN do it! We believe in you!” From there, if we have a client who has had a transformation and feels passionate about sharing our coaching experience, they too can hop on board as a support system and link arms with myself and our other coaches to impact even more lives together! All in all, without your health, you have nothing. We give science-backed and proven guidelines to ensure you live a healthy and abundant life, together as a team.

How can people support your business?

I would LOVE support from each and every one of you, whether that’s through a personal message, engagement with our content, or sharing this story and our services with anyone you feel needs a healthy change and a community to help guide them through it! You can find me personally on Instagram at @G1Bikini, or my YouTube channel under Adriana Gentile. Our team Instagram transformation page is @g.v.transformations if you would like to take a peek! Thank you so very much for all of your support and I look forward to meeting YOU!

Justine McDonald

Short story bio about your business

Justine McDonald is a mom of two, entrepreneur and coach dedicated to helping career-driven moms maximize their work and home life through online courses, events, coaching and the Mama’s Got Goals planner. She is the founder of Goal Chasers, a business coaching firm, and has had over 1,000 hours of training with some of the top personal development coaches in the world. She has also appeared as a speaker at the Fort Richmond Collegiate 2019, Louis Riel School Division 2019, MITT 2020, and TableSpace 2020.

How did you come up with your business or brand?

I created the Mama’s Got Goals planner to fill a desperate need to get clarity on how to achieve my goals. Being a mom and a new entrepreneur was very overwhelming and I was getting so much conflicting advice about how to achieve the results I wanted. So I took all the best strategies and put them in one, easy-to-follow planner.

Why is your business important?

We get so busy with our daily lives that we often forget to plan for the future AND be present in the moment. This planner allows moms to put their “one day when the kids are older” goals into action now and start building those goals that have been put on the backburner because well…KIDS! The heart of this planner is based on the fact that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and I want moms to live a life without regrets.

How can people support your business?

The Mama’s Got Goals Planner is available at teamgoalchasers.com and you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @thegoalchasers.

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