5 Signs of Teen Burnout

by Carol Bunting


We all want our teens to succeed in school, but putting them under too much pressure can lead to stress and anxiety. There’s a risk of burnout if teens do too much at once—juggling studies, friends, family time, hobbies and chores. If you’re worried about your teen’s well-being, look out for these five signs of teen burnout.


Signs of Teen Burnout

Signs of Teen Burnout


They’re not taking part in their hobbies

Hobbies help teens take breaks from their studies and unwind with fun activities. They also often help them to socialize if they’re group-based hobbies, and they can offer a creative or physical outlet for letting go of emotions and burning off stress. If your teen is neglecting their usual hobbies, they may be overworked and unable to balance school and fun. They might also not have enough mental energy to devote to hobbies because school consumes most of their time.


They’re irritable

It’s common for teens to lash out or get frustrated with those around them because their moods can fluctuate as a result of their developing brains. However, stress compounds irritability, and if you notice the issue gets worse when there’s a lot going on at school, your teen could be experiencing burnout. Perhaps they’re irritable because they don’t feel they’re performing well enough, or because they’re concerned about disappointing you.


Signs of Teen Burnout

Signs of Teen Burnout


They aren’t eating properly

Stress and anxiety can impact appetite. For some, it causes undereating and cravings for sugar and junk food. A change in eating habits could indicate that your teenager is struggling with their workload. It may be particularly obvious that stress is affecting their appetite if there’s a pattern in their eating habits. For example, if they don’t eat their dinner during the week but tend to eat well at the weekends, they could be feeling extra anxious on school days.


They isolate themselves

Due to their irritability and desire for independence, teens spend more time alone in their rooms. However, if they suddenly start spending more time than usual isolated from others, especially if they’re also avoiding spending time with their friends, this could be a sign that they’re struggling.


Signs of Teen Burnout

Signs of Teen Burnout


They have insomnia

Symptoms of burnout include insomnia. Your mind is so busy worrying that you can’t switch off and rest. Teens have different body clocks than adults and tend to stay up late, but if the late nights are lasting right until morning every night, there could be something else going on. Look for signs like dark circles under their eyes or them falling asleep at odd times throughout the day to see if your teen is suffering from insomnia.

If your children show any of these signs of teen burnout, talk to them right away. Find out what’s causing them the most anxiety and figure out a plan to help them restore balance to their lives.


About the author

Carol Bunting is a mum to three wonderful not-so-little kids. She traverses the trials of raising teens with the help of her husband, two pet spaniels, and a cheeky glass of red every now and then. All things in moderation. She enjoys crocheting, hiking and abseiling, and is a part-time Oilers fan.

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