8 Alternative Summer Camps Your Kids Will Love!

By Jonquil Jardine

Summer is coming up and parents are searching for the perfect summer camp experience for their kids. Traditional summer camps include hiking, leadership activities and games. But have you thought about circus, virtual reality or computer camp? They do exist and we’ve found a roundup of alternative camps your curious kid will love!

Toronto, Ontario


Ages 12-16 years old

This summer program is designed for students that like design, tech, science and engineering. Canada’s economy is continuing to grow and it’s important for youth to be exposed to various types of technologies. This two-week program covers Augmented Reality, Arduino as well as team-building activities. Additionally, all programs offered at V4Lab are taught by instructors in the industry!


Toronto, Ontario

NOT Sports Camp

Ages 8-16 (Different camps for various ages)

Let’s face it, not every child is into traditional sports offered at camps. Imagine a camp that offers Harry Potter’s favourite sport, Quidditch? Well NOT Sports Camp does along with other non-traditional games such as KIN-Ball, inner tube water polo, Capture the Flag and much more. Also, the camp is held mainly outdoors at University of Toronto’s Back Campus Fields which overlooks the city!


Toronto, Ontario(with locations in Ottawa and Chicago!)

GTA Photography Classes

Ages 12-17

Is your child interested in photography? If so, they will love what GTA Photography has to offer! Your teen will have the chance to learn photography with the help of Instructors already in the industry.


Elora, Ontario

Summer Circus Camp at the Elora Centre for the Arts

Ages 6-12

The Elora Centre for the Arts offers a week-long summer camp which focuses on acrobatics, juggling, clowning and much more. This program is for those that love endless possibilities!


Richmond Hill, Ontario

The Steam Project

Ages JK-Grade 8 (Different camps for various ages)

The Steam Project is the camp you wish existed when you were a child. Unlike traditional summer camps, The Steam Project camp teaches Art, Technology, Mathematics and much more using a hands-on approach. Additionally, they have creative programs such as their “Tinker” summer program, which allow kids to design and create their own toys!


Vancouver, British Columbia

Windsure Adventure Watersports – Windsurfing Camps


Does your child love the water? Well, we have the perfect camp for you! Windsure Adventure Watersports offers windsurfing camps that can combined with skimboarding, sailing and kayaking. Additionally, all classes include the use of a complete sailboard, wetsuit and life jacket so your teen is ready for a day filled with adventure!


Vancouver, British Columbia

Arts Umbrella


Your child can discover their creative potential at Arts Umbrella, which offers classes in visual art, theatre and dance. They also offer specialized and intensive programs and scholarships! There’s truly a class for everyone at Arts Umbrella.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Film Group

14-17 years old

Imagine a camp that focuses on film. Winnipeg Film Group offers a two-week course focusing on all aspects of film. For example, campers are exposed to basic components of film to video production.


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