8 Products To Help Get Your Whole Family Healthy This Spring

When the weather gets warmer, it really inspires to lighten up our diets and get healthy for the season. Here are some great products to help!

If you have a teen that’s stuck on soda, the Soda Stream could be the answer. A fizzy find that will encourage both you and your teen to drink more water, the Soda Stream allows you to control the level of carbonation. Really easy to use, you simply fill water up to the line and press the button on top to control the level of carbonation. The more you press, the more bubbly the water! Serve over fresh fruit for a refreshing drink! sodastream.ca

Cooking with olive oil is a heart-healthy fat that tastes great! The Oleiva olive oil is not only a great substitute for butter (you can bake with it!) but it’s also delicious drizzled on pasta or used in salad dressings. While it’s a high-quality oil, it’s at an affordable price range that parents will love. oleiva.ca

Whether your teens love their chicken fingers or you’re looking for an alternative to mayonnaise-based veggie dips, this Maille Honey mustard is perfect because it’s only 30 calories per tablespoon. So you can eat a lot for a little! The perfect mix of tang and sweet, it has a taste that teens will love! And mom and dad too! maille.ca

If you’re looking to add some spice to your diet but want to keep it healthy, this is the same TABASCO® Sauce your great grandfather ate 150 years ago. A lot of bottled sauces are made with ingredients you can’t pronounce and are full of additives and chemicals, but the recipe for his hot sauce has never changed. All it is tabasco peppers, salt and vinegar. tabascocanada.ca

Tea is a great way to stay healthy because it’s often packed with antioxidants, lowers your risk of heart disease and given the type, can help fight off those sweet cravings at night or even help you sleep. These For Tea’s Sake blends bring you all the benefits of loose-leaf tea in a convenient pre-made tea bag. Whether you’re looking to slim down, restore your energy or help you sleep, there’s a blend for every need. And there are caffeine-free choices as well, which are great for teens and parents, alike! forteassake.com

We all know eating veggies is important when you want to get and stay healthy but that can be difficult when you have varying family members with varying tastes. So why not drink your veggies instead? This Juice Fountain produces juice that’s actually cold! Because, really, who wants to drink warm veggie juice? The Juice Fountain uses cold spin technology to produce more nutrient-rich juice in the fraction of the time. Add in some favourite fruit with your veggies to make the ultimate, refreshing drink! bestbuy.ca

For the family members with a sweet tooth, Halo Top serves up dessert without the guilt. With only 80 to 100 calories per serving, you can indulge in any of the decadent flavours, including peanut butter swirl, cookies & cream and chocolate chip cookie dough without worrying about your waistline. halotop.ca

Sleep is so important for the whole family but especially for tweens and teens who are still growing. We all think of mattresses when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep but picking the right bedding is also important. Throw out the old flattened pillows and pick up some that will provide the right amount of support and comfort. These pillows from Casper have a pillow within the pillow for ultimate comfort and both the pillows and sheets are made with technology that keep the pillows and sheets cool all night long! casper.com

BY Rachel Naud

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