Oh Brother! Why You Need This Labeller in Your Life (Right Now!)

Brother P-touch CUBE

Brother P-touch CUBE


Label makers can be an organizer’s best friend. A simple label can instantly transform a space or object. And, while label makers have been traditional in style and use, Brother has upped the label game with a label maker that works with your Apple/Android phone and tablet to deliver personalized, easy labels. So, whether you’re labelling your office supplies (somehow, they always go missing, right?), creating personalized gifts (perfect for weddings!), or adding labels to your beauty supplies when travelling, Brother has a label maker and an app for that.

Wondering how a labeller can help you de-stress and organize? We’ve created a list of creative ways you can use one!


Ingredient & Spices


Jar of rice labelled through the Brother P-touch CUBE app

Brother P-touch CUBE label


If you’re the type of person that removes spices from the original container, then you will truly appreciate this next hack! Simply create labels for your spices. This will save you time from guessing which spice is in which bottle.



Is your kid attending camp? Moving into a dorm? Are you doing some travelling yourself? Why not label your clothing to avoid confusion? By labelling your clothes, you help avoid someone accidentally taking your clothes. You can simply print out your name and add it to the back of a shirt. Also, Brother sells the perfect fabric tape (TZE-FA3) for this!


"Basil" label on plant

Brother P-touch CUBE label

Most of the time people throw away the box and label that comes with a plant. What happens when you forget which plant is which? Try creating labels and attaching them to a popsicle stick to avoid guessing. Additionally, you can simply add the labels to a plant pot, especially for indoor plants. The tapes are laminated, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use because the tape is waterproof and fade-resistant.

Now you’re probably wondering which label maker you should get. Imagine a label maker that works with your Apple/Android phone and tablet to deliver personalized, fun labels. Or a label maker that allows you to choose the size and style of tape you wish to use. You can get all this and more with the Brother P-Touch CUBE PT-P300BT.

Why we love the Brother P-touch CUBE PT-P300BT

  1. No other labeller has an app or interface like this!
  2. The Brother P-touch Design&Print app, which you can download for free on iOS and Android devices, makes creating labels fun and easy. Once downloaded, you can create unique labels on your P-Touch CUBE by creating new designs from existing or blank templates. It’s really this easy!
  3. Find your perfect style and size. Choose from a wide selection of tapes, ranging from laminated standard or patterned adhesive to laminated decorative satin ribbon! The labels are easy to peel and are water-, fade-and even temperature-resistant! Also, you have the ability to create labels with width ranges from 3.55mm to 12mm.
  4. Sleek Design. The Brother P-Touch CUBE is extremely sleek, lightweight and portable, so you can use it anywhere. From your house, to an event or the office, the P-Touch CUBE can meet all your needs!

Where to get the Brother P-touch CUBE

From now until July 6, go to www.brother.ca and receive 40% off your purchase using Promo Code: CUBE40. Available on the PT-P300BT only. Not combinable with other promotional offers. Happy Labelling!!

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