5 Easter Brunch


Hosting an Easter Brunch is a great alternative to hosting Easter Dinner. If the weather is nice, you can set it up outside and it’s just a more laid-back, casual way of getting together to celebrate. If you’re looking to make your Easter Brunch a sweet event, we have some great ideas. Let’s hop to it!


Evive Nutrition Frozen Fruit Smoothies

We love the idea of presenting your guests with a make-your-own smoothie bar. This is especially great if it’s warm enough to set your brunch up outside, so the kids can play and your guests can mingle. We love these Evive Nutrition Frozen Fruit Smoothies because they’re made from organic fruit and vegetables that are flash frozen, so they seal in all the flavours and nutrients. You simply take the wheel, run it under some water to loosen it up, put it in a mason jar or shaker and cover it with whichever liquid you want – almond milk, water or juice. Let it sit and then shake it up! No blender necessary!


Cuisipro Line Cookware

What’s an Easter Brunch without some tasty treats? If you want to your teen to spend some time with you — get them baking! To create some tasty treats, look no further than the Cuisipro line. We love this line of cookware – it was originally developed for restaurants so you get restaurant-quality cookware without the high price tag! It’s such an innovative line that offers smart solutions in the kitchen that makes baking and cooking so enjoyable that your teen will actually want to do it with you!


Bimbo Canada

It’s a great idea to have an array of breads on the table to satisfy any taste and preference. Our go-to is always bread products from Bimbo Canada, the manufacturer of Dempsters, Stonemill and Villaggio bread. We love the cinnamon raisin bagels from Dempsters and, of course the Villaggio bread makes for amazing French Toast. But another reason why we feel good about putting Bimbo Canada products on our table – they are the first national bread manufacturer in North America to transition to cardboard bread bag clips on all their bread products! The cardboard clips are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are recyclable and compostable in municipal systems in 84 days. It seems like such a small change, but it will reduce our use of single-use plastic by approximately 200 metric tonnes annually, which equates to the weight of 32 adult elephants! You will begin seeing the cardboard clips on Villaggio, Dempster’s, and Stonemill starting today in some areas across Canada and the transition will be complete in June.


Groove Chocolate

We love the idea of leaving a sweet treat for every guest at Easter Brunch! This year, all my guests are receiving a Groove Chocolate Bar in varying flavours — from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and our personal favourite — milk chocolate infused with orange. We love this brand because it’s made in Canada and made from artisanal premium Belgian chocolate. It not only tastes delicious, but we feel good about giving it out as it is ethically sourced. Check them out on Instagram @groovechocolate


Baskin-Robbins Cake

Last, but not least, brunch’s dessert. We tried and loved this perfect combination between cake and ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. Hopscotch the Bunny Cake has a coffee taste, real espresso flakes and salted caramel swirl. The bunny ears and feet are made of white chocolate, and the grass is made with sweet icing. So tasty!
Everyone will love this cake, especially teens. They will not only enjoy eating it but making fun videos of it for social media.

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