5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Teen

by Rachel Naud


5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Teen

5 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Your Teen


Teens can be the trickiest people to buy for because they can also be the pickiest! With trends, coming and going every day, finding that perfect gift can be daunting. But don’t worry. Rachel Naud, the editor of INBETWEEN magazine, has got you covered with a selection of gifts any teen would love to receive this Christmas.


New England Patriots Toque, $27.99, nflshop.ca


New England Patriots Toque as a last-minute Christmas gift

New England Patriots Toque


The perfect stocking stuffer, this New England Patriots toque will keep their heads warm this winter while letting them show their pride for their favourite team!


2nd Edition HP Sprocket Printer, $159.99, hp.ca

If your teen is into tech and loves to take selfies and photos with their friends (basically every teen out there!), you’ll win major cool parent points with this 2nd Edition HP Sprocket Printer. It’s about the size of a cell phone, so they can take it with them when they’re hanging out with their friends, and up to three devices can connect to one printer so they can all get in on the fun when they’re all together! Once connected with the app, they can have fun customizing their photos with colourful filters, frames, text and stickers! Afterward, they can also use the pint-size pictures to decorate their spaces or share with friends and spread some holiday cheer.


Dermalogica Smooth Skin Favourites, $47, dermalogica.ca


Dermalogica Smooth Skin Favourites as a last-minute Christmas gift

Dermalogica Smooth Skin Favourites


The teenage years are an ideal time to get into a skincare routine because it sets them up to learn how to properly care for their skin, which is especially important when they’re often going through hormonal changes that can cause acne. And during the winter, when the weather is dry and cold, you want to really pamper your skin, which is why this Dermalogica Gift Set is great. It includes everything they will need to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate their skin and give them a glowing complexion for the New Year!


Hidden Gems Bath Bomb, $49.99, shopatshowcase.com


Hidden Gems Bath Bomb as a last-minute Christmas gift

Hidden Gems Bath Bomb


Being a teen is stressful and taking hot baths is a great way to de-stress and more importantly unplug! While every teen knows about bath bombs, these Hidden Gems are extra special! Inside they’ll find an extra special surprise — a piece of jewelry! And the really fun part about it? The jewelry inside can be worth up to $5,000!


E310 Explorian Series Vitamix, $419.95, vitamix.ca


E310 Explorian Series Vitamix as a last-minute Christmas gift

E310 Explorian Series Vitamix


This gift is perfect for that athletic teen that is always up early and out the door for those early morning practices or games. Or maybe you have a teen living away from home at college and you want to gift them something that will help them make healthy meals in a flash. This E310 Explorian Series Vitamix is perfect for those who like to make their own smoothies in the morning! It’s also ideal for the teen that may be living on their own at college and wants to make a quick and easy soup! And with its self-cleaning function, just one or two drops of soap and warm water will have it clean in just 30 to 60 seconds – no disassembly required!

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