Adolescent Acne: 3 Ways To Talk to Your Teen About Skin Health

Teen health is a tough topic that every parent will have to address at one point or another. From sex education to bodily changes, and hormones, talking to your teen about personal health and wellness is paramount. One personal hygiene topic at the forefront of many teens’ and parents’ minds is acne. No teen wants to deal with dreaded breakouts, pimples or skin imperfections, but countless do. If your teen is dealing with acne, it is important for you to do your best to offer support. In order to get that conversation started, here are three ways to better support and talk to your teen to address acne and the importance of skin health.

Remind Them They are Not Alone

Your teen may feel that they stick out or feel a sense of isolation due to their acne. It is your job to help remind them that they are not alone. Perhaps you yourself had to deal with acne as a teen or have friends whose teens are going through the same thing. Remind your teen that acne is very common and many face a breakout here or there. To help support your child, you can have them connect with other teens who have acne and ask them what tips they have and what is working for them. Your teen will value that they have someone their own age to get advice from. In addition, they can look for inspiration from skin-positive influencers as a positive way to leverage social media, and connect with others that can relate.

Help With Stress Management

Stress can play a role in teen acne. In a study concerning acne and stress, researchers found teenagers who were under high levels of stress were 23% more likely to have increased acne severity. This is why it is so important to help your teen with stress management. Teens are under a lot of pressure, from school to friends, extracurricular activities and coping with the pandemic. All of this combined can be very overwhelming. Recognizing the signs of stress and managing it can make a big difference in skin health. Have your teen determine ways that can help them when they are under increased stress. Some strategies can be deep breathing, mindfulness or meditation.

Encourage A Skin Care Regimen

Assist your teen in developing a dedicated skin care routine that can help to manage their acne. One way to start is to encourage your teen to speak with a dermatologist that can help provide consultation and advice. A well-rounded skincare regimen can really help to clear up the skin and help your teen boost their confidence and self-esteem knowing that they have the right tools and plan in place. Remind your teen to stay diligent and on top of their skin care. Be sure to stick to a regular shower schedule and stay clean as often as possible, especially after exercise. It is important that they don’t touch their face too much, or pop pimples to get rid of them. Rather, they can try using teen acne products to help clear up any pimples or blackheads they may have.

Talking to your teen about acne and skin health may be intimidating at first. However, there are many more tools and solutions available now than in days past. With the proper guidance, you can support your teen, and empower them to take charge of their well-being. Your teen can gain skills and discover new strategies that they can use as they continue to grow. Remember to be encouraging and foster your teen to have the confidence they need to take charge of their skin health.

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