9 Spring Boredom Busters You Need Today

Now that’s been a full year since the pandemic started, you might be getting sick of the same old, same old. Why not try something new with your family to break free of the boredom and have fun together as a family? Need some inspiration? I have plenty of ideas!

By Rachel Naud

Liva Raw Date Sugar

Are you bored of the same breakfast you’ve been having since the pandemic started? Well, we were, so my teen son and I looked up a bunch of new recipes and we came across an energy ball recipe full of delicious oats, peanut butter and honey. We used Liva Date Sugar in this recipe as it’s an organic, all-natural whole-food sugar alternative. You can pick it up at select grocery and health food stores and it has fewer calories than refined sugar. It even has fibre in it, which is awesome. We also toss the Liva Date Sugar in our green smoothies in the morning for some added sweetness, but these energy balls are so delicious – we just keep them in the fridge and they make a great grab-and-go snack.

Clorox On-The-Go Disinfecting Wipes

As life starts to open up a bit, we may start venturing out a little bit more even if it’s just in our own cities. To do it safely, I keep Clorox On-the-Go Disinfecting Wipes in my purse at all times. I keep some in my car and I make sure to throw some in my son’s knapsack as well. They’re such a convenient way to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on the surfaces you encounter while you’re on the go, like subway and bus poles, door handles and cellphones. They’re also bleach-free, which I love, because I find they’re not harsh on my skin. But mainly, they help me explore just a little bit more in a safe manner, which is so important to me and my family right now.

YETI NHL Collection

While you’re out exploring, you might want to bring your own drink along. Thanks to the new YETI NHL® collection, you can cheer on your favourite hockey team wherever you go! The stainless-steel drinkware reps all NHL teams from coast to coast in the iconic and sleek YETI design. Built with thick gauge steel, YETI combines the toughness of Tkachuk and the elite performance of McDavid to ensure maximum durability and enjoyment.  There are five styles to choose from, so grab your favourites at https://www.yeti.com/en_CA/nhl-drinkware and get ready for the season.

Decor at Giant Tiger

Spring always makes me feel like switching up my décor and giving some rooms a refresh as the warmer weather rolls in. Adding some new touches to your teen’s room makes a great activity you can do together. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a big difference. I went to Giant Tiger because they have great options for an amazing value! I picked up these fun accents that will brighten and lighten my teen’s room like some beautiful battery-operated candles, a pretty golden tray and the softest pink throw blanket. You can also order these online at https://www.gianttiger.com.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario 3D World + Bowers Fury

My son loves his Nintendo Switch and over the pandemic our whole family has started to get in on the fun because you can play it at home on the TV, as well as in hand-held mode. To keep the fun fresh, we like to try new games and right now, we are loving Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Peach is my favourite character, but you can also choose Mario, Luigi, or Toad and together you’ll bounce through a fun and creative kingdom! My son can also play online with his friends using Nintendo Switch Online which is great because they can still play together even when they are apart.

Pet Valu


Spring is a popular time to add a furry member to the family. Whether you’re getting a new pet or if you already have a dog, you’ll want to have an array of treats and games that the two of you can do together. I have an old English sheepdog so I’m at Pet Valu on the weekly. But if you’ve recently adopted a pet or are worried about your pet adapting to life in the “new normal,” I love the fact that the Animal Care Experts at Pet Valu are there to give friendly, helpful advice. As a treat, my dog Stanley loves these Earth Animal Chews. It keeps him busy and entertained while we’re hopping on a family Zoom call or doing family game night. I love the fact that they are raw-hide-free so it’s a great chew alternative. Another fun way to make mealtime a game for you and your dog is to use these Outward Hound Puzzle Toys as brain teasers for your pooch. Add the treats and watch your pooch solve the game! It’s entertainment for the both of you!

Calgon Ocean Breeze Bubble Bath

Ok, so we can’t catch a plane to the Caribbean right now, but I have the next best thing. Calgon’s Ocean Breeze Bubble Bath. Just close your eyes, lie back and relax, and let the warm water take you away to a breathtaking seascape. It’s the perfect escape for when you need some me time while the kids are at home. And because it’s formulated with vitamin E and aloe, this bubble bath leaves your skin silky-smooth. Grab this at your local Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Croods: A New Age

There’s nothing better than a family movie night and right now you can buy THE CROODS: A NEW AGE on Digital, 4K Ultra-HD, Blue-ray, and DVD. Everyone’s favourite prehistoric family is back for another adventure and this time they’re facing their biggest challenge yet – another family! It’s a family-friendly movie that everyone can watch and enjoy – from school-age children up to our tweens and teens!

Dr. Teals Hempseed Oil Collection

With the kids all home and off from school, sometimes you need a little me time. When you want to escape and have the ultimate chill out, a warm bath with Dr. Teals new Hempseed Oil Collection is just what you need to calm your mind while soothing and relaxing your sore, achy muscles. I pick this up at Walmart and I love it because Hemp Seed Oil is known for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits. It’s a key ingredient to help soothe dry, irritated skin. The Epsom salts in the soak solution combine with the hemp seed oil to create a foaming bath that leaves your skin super silky soft while soothing sore muscles. I love to use this before bed because it gives me the best sleep ever!

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