Hyundai Palisade Proves to be a Fab Family Car

My name is Rachel Naud and I’m a Toyota girl.

I have owned and driven Toyota cars for the past 16 years and thought no other manufacturer could ever break the bond I have with my beloved brand of choice. Then I had the opportunity to drive a 2020 Hyundai Palisade for a week, and it got me in my feels.

Firstly, the vehicle is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I’m talking strangers-coming-up-to-you-to-ask-what-kind-of-car-it-is hot. And, guess what: Even though it offers up some serious eye candy, it’s a total mom-mobile, which just goes to show you CAN have it all, ladies! The Palisade has good looks, great function and —the best part — you won’t need to work into your golden years to pay it off.

Luxury ride

The Palisade is Hyundai’s largest SUV. With its third row of seating, eight people can easily and comfortably fit in the car. While the third row in many vehicles is often where the kids who draw the shortest straws have to sit, this isn’t the case with the Palisade. There is actual leg room back there, so your very-backseat passengers don’t have to ride with their knees touching their chins. It’s also super easy to fold those seats up and down when needed as it’s as simple as pressing a button. Same with lifting the trunk of the car, which was super helpful when walking to the car with handfuls of groceries or sports equipment.

The interior is luxurious throughout with its quilted Napa leather seats, 10-inch touchscreen navigation and more outlets than I have ever seen on four wheels. There’s no chance of anybody’s smartphone or tablet dying on a road trip, which is music to any parent’s ears.

While, we’re now going into the cooler, fall months, when I drove the Palisade, it was during the peak summer temps of August. Why am I telling you this? Because the Palisade has COOLING. SEATS. It’s a feature I never knew I needed in my life. As the hot sun was beating down on the car and through the windows, my backside enjoyed an easy, breezy cooling sensation that kept me comfy, even in the longest traffic jam.

For those colder fall and winter days, there is also the option to warm the seats and the steering wheel for toasty travels.

Fun features

There’s a lot to love about this car, but one of the features I most got a kick out of was the in-vehicle intercom that allowed me to easily talk to the passengers sitting back in the third row. I was met with groans and rolling eyes when I would pass their school and announce, “If you look to your right, you will soon see your fate as summer is coming to an end.” It never got old. At least for me.

There’s also a Kids Quiet Zone feature that allows you to jam out to your music in the front while your kids sleep in the middle or back rows. Or, for those with teens riding in the car with you while plugged into their own headphones, your Dixie Chicks won’t interfere with their Drizzy.

Safety First

As a parent, you always want to feel safe when driving and, in that aspect, the Palisade did not disappoint. I came to appreciate the sensor that went off when I attempted a lane change with a car coming up in my blind spot. Anyone driving on the 401 can attest, this feature alone is worth the price tag of the car.

The Palisade also comes with lots of cameras – front, side and rear — with warnings that went off if you got too close to a car, a person or your neighbour’s garbage bin. (I may have learned that last one first-hand.)

Lastly, the car not only tells you IF someone hasn’t buckled their seatbelt, but it also tells you WHO. For parents with young Houdinis, that means peace of mind knowing your child is safely buckled in, and that if your child manages to unclip his or her belt, you’ll be promptly alerted.

No longer in neutral

I have to admit that the day I had to return the Palisade was a sad one in my household. In fact, I may have to put my relationship with Toyota in park. My name is Rachel Naud and I would go the distance with a Hyundai Palisade.

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