4 Wellness Tips to Give Your Teen Before They Move to College


4 Wellness Tips to Give Your Kids Before They Move to College

4 Wellness Tips to Give Your Kids Before They Move to College


Moving out for college is both exciting and scary for you and your teen. You might feel thrilled to see where life takes them, but also a bit nervous about their new life living alone. At the same time, your kid is looking forward to independence, yet they might have some concerns too. Previously, we provided advice on how to support your second-year college student living away from home, including tips on cleaning and preparing meals. Now, what advice can you offer to a first-time dormer, especially regarding their health?


If you have a soon-to-be dormer, here are a few wellness tips you can share with them.


Watch their portion sizes

All parents want their children to eat well. However, that doesn’t mean giving them free rein. After all, there’s something called the “Freshman 15,” which refers to the weight gain college students may experience in the first year due to lifestyle changes. This can be especially common among dormers who often resort to convenient yet unhealthy foods. Ignoring this issue could lead to more significant problems, like becoming overweight and its impact on overall health.


Luckily, your kid can avoid this by simply being more mindful of their meal portion sizes—a habit encouraged by sustainable weight loss plans. By doing so, they can still enjoy their favourite foods while keeping track of what they eat. For example, if they notice they’ve been consuming too much fried food lately, it’s a good sign to include more fresh fruits and vegetables in their meals. Additionally, they can focus on eating until they’re no longer hungry rather than eating until they feel full. This way, they can maintain a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived.


Move their body

College life is always busy with classes to attend, papers to pass, and presentations to make. Despite this, it’s essential to remind your kid about the importance of regular exercise to keep their physical health in check. The best part is they can choose the type of exercise they enjoy the most.


If dancing to music is their thing, they’ll be glad to know that it not only brings joy but also helps build strength, improves mood, and enhances memory. On the other hand, if relaxation is more their style, yoga is a great option. It’s low-impact and can improve balance and flexibility. The best part is they can do both exercises right in their dorm. Encourage them to gradually build up their workout routines over time so that they can easily incorporate physical activity into their busy schedules.


Get a full night’s rest

Sleep is a vital component of health—especially for college students. Getting sufficient sleep can significantly improve their academic performance by enhancing their memory and enabling them to stay awake and focused during the day on their schoolwork. Moreover, feeling well-rested prepares them to conquer the daily challenges college has in store.


Your kid can easily get 7-8 hours of sleep each night by keeping gadgets away from their bed to reduce distractions or making their dorm more comfortable with ambient lighting and fluffy pillows to promote better sleep. Additionally, completing assignments on time can help them avoid pulling all-nighters.


Find healthy ways to relieve stress

College life can be undoubtedly stressful, with deadlines to meet and tests to study for. Your teen might feel overwhelmed, and that’s why it’s crucial for them to have healthy stress relief methods to avoid burnout and stay focused on their studies.


Encourage your teen to try stress-reducing techniques like meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling. Also, remind them not to overburden themselves with studying and to make time for recreational activities, such as hanging out with friends. Striking a good work-life balance, even in college, can help them effectively manage and cope with the stress they might face.


Sending your teen off to college can be a daunting experience, but by providing them with wellness tips, you can feel confident that they’ll take care of themselves, even when they’re on their own.

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